I Love Lux

Had such a great time today catching up with the fine folks at the Kevin & Bean Show this morning! I announced my latest project, Mother’s Milk, now available on Kickstarter!

Mother’s Milk Cookbook is a fun, novelty cookbook for nursing mothers who want to utilize their breastmilk in cooking, or just a novelty book for the sexy photos inside! Featuring hot models posing with the dishes, all of the recipes contain milk & are supposed to be substituted with breast milk. The recipes all have quirky, tongue-in-cheek names making this the perfect gift or coffee table book.

Thank you so much to those who have backed the project already, we’re already 1/3 into our goal to raise to help us finish the book & get it published <3  Check out some of the photos, the podcast from the show, and the Mother’s Milk Kickstarter page! Please help us make this book a reality, our campaign ends September 13th!


Lux on KROQ Kevin & Bean Show
Lux on KROQ Kevin & Bean Show with Kevin Ryder, Lisa May, Ralph Garman, & Chip

KROQ 106.7FM Kevin & Bean Show 8/20/2013 (Interview begins at 1:10:50)