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So, I had to upload this video to my YouTube channel to try to respond to everyone asking questions about Mother’s Milk Cookbook after the skit I did with Ricky Shucks was released the other day 🙂

See my response below!


Check out the YouTube skit I did with Ricky Shucks!! Already over 300K views in two days?! Amazing!



Mother’s Milk Cookbook is a fun, novelty cookbook for nursing mothers who want to utilize their breastmilk in cooking, or just a novelty book for the sexy photos inside! Featuring hot models posing with the dishes, all of the recipes contain milk & are supposed to be substituted with breast milk. The recipes all have quirky, tongue-in-cheek names making this the perfect gift or coffee table book.

Please visit our Mother’s Milk Cookbook Kickstarter page via the link below and help us make this book a reality! We are almost halfway to our goal, and our campaign ends September 13th!